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I have joined the ranks of a secret, elite organization. A group so special, that is has its own slang. A group roled over by the two great gods of lulz: John and Hank Green.

That’s right. I have become a nerdfighter.
Now, there’re some steryotypes and vague ideas about nerdfighters, so here is a handy FAQ.

On a side note, John Green’s books are awesome, and you should read them all, and they each need a post of their own to explain the awesome.


Fullmetal Awesome

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Fullmetal Alchemist is made of epic win.

I mean, I can’t even begin to explain the awesome of it.

I simply wouldn’t do it justice.

It has artificial humans, a very short alchemist, an amazing girl mechanic, a military officer who never shuts up about his daughter, an alchemist who blows stuff up (well, quite a few of them), a giant suit of armor that is actually a person… I could go on.

And on.

And on.

But it doesn’t just have awesome characters, it has fantastic art, brilliant storylines, and it’s so deep. The main character, Edward Elric, a young alchemist, struggles with the thin line between rightand wrong, with doing what’s right for you instead of what’s right for the world, with killing a hundred to save one, or killing one to save a hundred.

Are you intrigued yet?

I’m a Steamophile

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I have a new obsession. Steampunk.

Steampunk emulates the victorian era, a world where Newton’s laws of physics rule the world. The atom was never discovered, and the world is powered by steam, coal, wood, and sometimes electricity. Think airships, pirates, gears, metal, goggles, leather, top hats, buckles, canes, waistcoats, locomotives, copper and brass, mad scientists, elegance, clockwork, coal, and steam.

Looking at steampunk things all day got me itchin’ for a costume. So I dug around in my closet, found some suitable clothes, and made myself some steampunk goggles!


For more steampunk, check out the LiveJournal community, this site, and the Wiki.

Or y’know, you could do your own research.


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I know I sound like a total dork when I say this, but MY LIFE IS ON THE INTERNET. Really. Email, Tegaki, This blog, YouTube, Live±Journal, DeviantART… and my awesomely amazing multifandom crack RP.

It’s called Typo Chronicles, and it’s amazingly awesome and made of epic win. Basically, you play a character from a book/movie/manga/amime/show/whatever, and you talk to other characters as your character, and it is awesome. 

Shit, I said awesome waaaay too many times, didn’t I?

So, yeah. Typo is eating my life.

Heroes: Season Three

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Obviously, this contains spoilers up to the episode The Eclipse: Part 2

This season is shaping up to be every bit as thrilling as the first. There are some new pairings that I’ve started to ship, and it’s kept me on my toes from week to week.

I only have a few complaints about the season. The first is that I didn’t like what they were doing to Sylar’s character, making him so… righteous and good. Ugh. He’s much better as a villain with a soft side than as a goody-goody. I also really didn’t like all the Petrelli angst. Between the five of them it’s getting a little depressing. But, well, they’re a pretty screwed up family. I also got a little annoyed with Daphne at times, because while I like her character, the angst. But even with all the wangst/angst, this season looks to be coming to an exciting end.

As pairings go, I am starting to like a few of the canon ones. My favorite? Sylar/Elle. Before he, you know. cut off the top of her head. They’re so messed up and perfect for each other. They’ve even made me (mostly) stop shipping Elle and Claire.

I also really like Matt and Daphne together. They sort of… balance a little? I hope that he’ll help her be less angsty and spastic, and she’ll make him more… I don’t know. Well rounded? *I fail*

This season better not have a depressing/horrible/cliffhanger ending.

I’ll do a review of the last few episodes as soon as I get caught up.

By the way, I did that face-morph-thingey, and let me just say, Hayden Panettiere and I would have beautiful children. Not that that’s even possible.

Cosplay Update

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Just an impromptu Near cosplay that I did a few days ago!

Near Cosplay 4 by ~ennalyra on deviantART

Near Cosplay 6 by ~ennalyra on deviantART

Near Cosplay 3 by ~ennalyra on deviantART
(There’re more on my DA)


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Okay, everyone! I just saw the Death Note live action movie (The first one), and it was awesome. It was the truest-to-book movie I’ve ever seen, with only small changes in the beginning and a few differences in character names/appearance. They got almost every character in the film, even Naomi Misora and Raye Penbar, who’s last name was changed to Imawatsu.

The film in general is well done, and I really liked Ken’ichi Matsuyama in the role of L. Light’s actor, Tatsuya Fujiwara, was also amazing. The set of the Yagami household was also very true to the manga, and all the characters were DEAD ON. It was a little scary, in a completely awesome spectacular way.

I would highly reccomend watching it, but make sure you watch it in Japanese. The English dub sucks. I give it 8 stars out of 10. That is a pretty damn-near perfect rating for me.


The review sucks, the movie doesn’t. Go watch it, the almighty fangirl comandeth thee.