I’m a Steamophile

I have a new obsession. Steampunk.

Steampunk emulates the victorian era, a world where Newton’s laws of physics rule the world. The atom was never discovered, and the world is powered by steam, coal, wood, and sometimes electricity. Think airships, pirates, gears, metal, goggles, leather, top hats, buckles, canes, waistcoats, locomotives, copper and brass, mad scientists, elegance, clockwork, coal, and steam.

Looking at steampunk things all day got me itchin’ for a costume. So I dug around in my closet, found some suitable clothes, and made myself some steampunk goggles!


For more steampunk, check out the LiveJournal community, this site, and the Wiki.

Or y’know, you could do your own research.


~ by Enna on December 27, 2008.

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